Pseudo Random News and Comment

Spain Declares 2-Year Moratorium on Evictions Following Suicides; Policy Will Blow Up Policy Will Blow Up Spectacularly The Onion will have trouble topping this sort of news. If you owe a mortgage in Spain, stop paying your mortgage and short the banks. If your fellow citizens can pass this simple IQ test it’s a guaranteed winner. But if the politicians are this stupid it doesn’t bode well for the IQ test results.

UN ‘may use torture evidence to impose sanctions on terror suspects’ Even though everyone knows that “evidence” is garbage it’s still the latest rage in oppressive fashion.

aPL double feature: Statins have potential to treat an autoimmune clotting disorder called antiphospholipid syndrome¬† and Autoimmune disease linked to pregnancy loss, stroke more often than you’d expect

Chicago Fed Letter: “Detecting early signs of financial instability” Or try private sector credit to private GDP.


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