Pseudo Random News and Comment

Google report reveals sharp increase in government requests for users’ data In an election year of all things.

Q: How Much Did The FBI Snoop On Email Messages To Uncover The Petreaus Situation? A: A lot.

Probiotics show potential to minimize C. difficile …and avoid a fecal transplant later.

How to Avoid an Affair: Admit That You Could, Conceivably, Have an Affair Includes a handy list of things to avoid. I should probably come up with one for food too.

The Strange (and Worrisome) Symmetry Of Bernanke’s Bull Market Cycles in the market are generally too variable to be of much use, but in this case there’s a good reason for it to be more predictable.

Fast food menus still pack a lot of calories, study finds Not at all surprising. I think you can predict a restaurant’s success by the % of calories from fat.

Hormone combination effective and safe for treating obesity in mice Interesting approach to customize the molecule to increase specificity. Easy to generalize the approach.

Degrees For Dollars: Students Petition Uncle Sam To Refund Student Loans For Worthless Diplomas Even if the election were still to come I don’t think this could ever happen. Government offering refunds for worthless services?!?! There would be nothing left.

Fiscal Slope: 2 Million to Lose Emergency Unemployment Benefits But the official unemployment rate will plummet!

Government Response to Scarcity: Make it Free…and make it much worse.

The Key to Science (and Life) Is Being Wrong  I’m always right, but it’s something you should always keep in mind.


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