Pseudo Random News and Comment

Unkindness linked to alcohol, drug abuse in black populations, study finds I think any number of trailer parks would show this applies equally well to white populations.

Fears for safety at Fukushima one year on It’s still an important story because Broad analysis of many radiation studies finds no exposure threshold that precludes harm to life Sticking to farm raised fish is probably a good idea anywhere bordering the Pacific.

Does science need ‘open evaluation’ in addition to ‘open access?’ Open collaboration is the only way to improve the current system, as demonstrated here: Searching the Clinical Fitness Landscape

Psychiatry Set to Medicalize Hissy Fits Must read comment on the continuing medicalization of normality.

Requiem for a Twinkie The market more than the food. A significant change in market psychology is afoot.

The Unconscious Brain Can Do Math  Providing some further justification for intuition.

Flame retardants linked to neurodevelopmental delays in children Thank you to California for leading the way is pushing for flame retardants in clothing and bedding.

A Coded Rant About China’s Government Goes Viral Does 26,000 really count as viral in China? Nice illustration of the difficulties of effective censorship.

Fevers can be a child’s friend: Pediatrician shares what parents need to know about fevers  It’s metabolically costly to have a fever so its evolutionary persistence should be respected.

Evidence suggests Neanderthals took to boats before modern humans We seem to become less special every day. Next they’ll tell us we’re just animals.

Does power cloud one’s ability to make good decisions?  Increases belief in the accuracy of information and judgements. A souped up expert problem.

Mimicking Insect Communication: Release and Detection of Pheromone, Biosynthesized by an Alcohol Acetyl Transferase Immobilized in a Microreactor  My plan to revolutionize online dating with the stink-jet printer is one step closer to reality.

Antibody to Epstein-Barr Virus Deoxyuridine Triphosphate Nucleotidohydrolase and Deoxyribonucleotide Polymerase in a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Subset  A few weeks ago I was reading about EBV hiding out in the cerebral spinal fluid and explaining persistent fatigue in some patients long after serum DNA levels returned to normal. This seems very much related. This also points the finger at the nervous system – Chronic fatigue syndrome—a system under stress

The Incoherence of a Drone-Strike Advocate My one question way to resolve any foreign policy debate: How would you feel if someone did it to you?  Virtually everything the US does fails that test.

Multi-Color Single Particle Tracking with Quantum Dots Being able to decipher events at this level of detail will be extremely useful, plus it’s just freaking amazing this can be done.

The Temporal Dynamics of Early Visual Cortex Involvement in Behavioral Priming Argues behavioral and visual systems aren’t as independent as thought – though at some point they must diverge (I think blindsight was validated with fMRI not long ago).


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