Pseudo Random News and Comment

The stereotypes are apparently true. Youth with autism gravitate toward STEM majors in college—if they get there

Why Women Are Too Tall and Men Are Too Short Interesting piece on the continuing battle of the sexes. Procreation is messing with us.

How long do you expect to be dead? Over time people tend to do what they are rewarded to do. In the US that’s spend all their money and expect someone else to take care of them. But if everyone does it there aren’t enough someone elses.

Relaxation-Induced Anxiety Jesus, now they’re even trying to make sucking it in when an attractive person walks by into a mental illness. I think there’s far more support for going into psychiatry or psychology being an indication of illness.

Einstein’s Brain: New Insights Into the Roots of Genius I found the motor cortex bit interesting. But the big unanswered question is how much of his brain was dedicated to Marilyn Monroe?

Quelle Surprise! New York Fed Chair Dudley Confirms that TBTF Lives, Big Firms Still Can’t Be Resolved And it will soon be time for the next phase of the solvency crisis. Maybe this time they can just import China’s accounting standards and call it good.

Hill House / Andrew Maynard Architects I think I’d add miniature golf.


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