Pseudo Random News and Comment

If this project is ever realized it will be the most beautiful ghost city in China. Huangshan Mountain Village / MAD Architects

Using Just 10% of Your Brain? Think Again  (via The Thinking Meat Project). Most appallingly, many in the US believe they can feel someone staring at the back of their head. Can they also feel how stupid I think they are?

French Alps shootings were probably random attack, says prosecutor No wonder so many murders go unsolved.

Bone Mineral Density Status: It s Complicated The many variables that alter it in women

Bureaucrats Paid $250,000 Feed Outcry Over College Costs  I don’t think the salaries are the problem as much as sheer numbers. When 60% of the costs are overhead it’s a big problem, and that’s the case at every level of education.

If evolution has already solved some of the problems of engineering an immortality virus, it makes the rest of the job that much easier, so I’m linking to myself to reemphasize how big this bacteria story is.


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