Pseudo Random News and Comment

Fraud fighter: ‘Faked research is endemic in China’ Brief interview on the rough and tumble world of fraudulent research.

Carlos Sastre exclusive: The forgotten Tour de France winner  Interesting interview with Sastre. Given the teams he’s been on I’d never considered the possibility, but it makes a decent case he rode without the typical “preparation.”

Payment Size, Negative Equity, and Mortgage Default Also suggests that when rates eventually start moving up the result won’t be pretty.

I was going to link to a post about Chinese reserves but it was so poorly written it was unintelligible. The point it failed to make is that a bubble requires increasing rates of growth in money and credit in order to be sustained and China is going the other direction (the US hasn’t been keeping it up either).

Blind patient reads words stimulated directly onto the retina Eliminating the middle man.

The DHS And FBI Present: You Might Be A Terrorist If… (Hotel Guest Edition) I misplaced this when it first came out. A host of confusing, nebulous, contradictory criteria. Face it, you are a terrorist and someday you’ll be forced to admit it.

The Developmental Dynamics of Terrorist Organizations Severity has nothing to do with size of organization. Which means the only viable solution is to stop creating terrorists in the first place.

Student Suspended for Refusing to Wear a School-Issued RFID Tracker Unusual in that the justification is purely financial – subsidy farming.

Fetuses yawn in the womb, according to new research When you get tired of kicking, and don’t like Mom’s taste in TV, I guess it gets pretty boring in there.

It takes two to tangle: Scientists further unravel telomere biology This could lead somewhere good.

Inside the Mind of a Medicinal Chemist: The Role of Human Bias in Compound Prioritization during Drug Discovery  Chemists, like investors, are plagued by decision biases. They way you think you decide is never the way it’s really done.

Here’s a great example: Mate selection. Men’s Preference for Women’s Facial Features: Testing Homogamy and the Paternity Uncertainty Hypothesis  Anything that discusses anonymized babies is pretty cool to me.


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