Pseudo Random News and Comment

Kidney Graft Survival in Europe and the United States: Strikingly Different Long-term Outcomes  Better adherence with medications is the easiest explanation, though it seems doubtful there’s much difference. My impression is EU centers are a bit quicker to try different combinations of drugs than the US, where the drug combos seem to be determined more by the local transplant center preferences than by than patient characteristics.

Megaupload Shutdown Hurt Box Office Revenues It’s very hard not to laugh at this.

Selected Passages from Nassim Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Antifragile’ Based on these quotes I’m pretty sure the latest DSM would deem NNT mentally ill.

Reading, writing and playing games may help aging brains stay healthy I hoping blogging counts.

Reasoning Is Sharper in a Foreign Language Apparently investment decisions pondered in another language will be better.

Patient’s own immune cells may blunt viral therapy for brain cancer Maybe a herpes overcoat would prove more elusive.


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