Pseudo Random News and Comment

Smells like Christmas spirit: Researchers tie simple scent to increased retail sales Orange+green tea reduced spending 20% compared to only orange scent. From this we can conclude wearing 2 or 3 colognes/perfumes at once may entirely eliminate your spouse’s spending. I wonder if it would enhance fidelity too.

Reducing 20/20 hindsight bias Unfortunately, nothing easily applied to normal decision-making, though forcing yourself to focus on what you don’t agree with may help.

Everything You Know About Investing is Wrong . . . LOL, rainfall beat earnings growth, corporate profit margins, and GDP growth in predicting 10 year stock returns. Too bad they didn’t test sunspots.

Kill the 401(k)? Hell with it. Just tax everyone at a 100% rate. If the government can spend 40% of income better than the individual (why give government anything if that isn’t assumed?), there’s no logical reason anyone should be allowed to keep any of their money.

Stressing out really does make it worse The biochemical differences between acute and chronic stress. The experiments don’t address perceived control of the situation though I assume even illusory control would be beneficial. Also would be interesting to see if attacking them with a knife would reset the switch from chronic stress. Intense exercise is physiologically like acute stress so that would explain why exercise can help reduce the effects of chronic stress.

Exercise rate related to improvements in Parkinson’s disease Fast pedaling has more benefit than just going through the motions.

It’s Time To Update Our Privacy Laws: Tell Your Elected Officials To Reform ECPA Now  Or just mention it in an email to a friend. It’s all monitored.

Nix the all-nighter: A good night’s sleep is key to doing well on exams It’s almost finals time. Use science in your strategy.

Obama: a GOP president should have rules limiting the kill list  I can be trusted with unlimited power, but nobody else can. In that case he owes it to us to never relinquish office.

Homo (Sans) Sapiens: Is Dumb and Dumber Our Evolutionary Destiny? I agree selection pressures haven’t been eliminated and human evolution is still happening, but it’s not clear where it’s going. Reproductive success today doesn’t depend on understanding much of anything of the world around you and certainly the humans that breed the most are not the brightest bunch.

Bothered by negative, unwanted thoughts? Just throw them away Very cool and very simple (NLP flavored) solution. What do you want to throw away?


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