Pseudo Random News and Comment

Ranbaxy halts generic Lipitor production after recall-FDA Also revealed a previous recall in August over a pill mix up. I guess they were taking an overly broad view of “generic.”

Beastie Boys call for sampling lawsuit to be dismissed I should be concerned about the outcome because everything I’ve ever read is “hidden” inside things I write, and with enough arcane analysis those sources might be derived.

A Better Way to Plan Your Career Listen up kids. Much like my advice on what classes to take: Pick courses that count toward as many majors as possible so you can change your mind without penalty.

Gold Whackage Perpetrator – Deviously Cunning or Total Idiot? Two interpretations of the same event. It’s also likely they were trying to be the former but will end up being the latter.

Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends . . . A fundamentalist woman’s nightmare (and probably a fundamentalist man’s wet dream).

Study: Exercising With a Physically Superior Partner Makes You Better – Even if They Aren’t Real But other research shows they can’t be so much better that you feel no hope.

Running too far, too fast, and too long speeds progress ‘to finish line of life’ I think it’s a sensible conclusion, but the 30-50 minutes per day Rx makes me suspect some methodological issues.

Statins plus exercise best at lowering cholesterol, study finds Only 30 minutes of brisk walking required, but walking to the pastry shop doesn’t count.

Employers often more interested in hiring potential playmates than the very best candidates No wonder employment never agreed with me. I’m not that guy.

A Pattern Potpourri So many things about the 2012 stock market are similar to 2007.

Scientists create roadmap to metabolic reprogramming for aging In V for Vendetta, there is a scene where the detective describes his sudden vision of how events would unfold. I’m starting to get that feeling about the future of aging. The biggest problem is there is so much to know that it’s impossible to integrate and interpret it all. I have an idea for how to get around that, basically a radical extension of the methods used in this study: Brain inflammation likely key initiator to prion and Parkinson’s disease

How Aggressive Hyena Moms Give Their Kids a Boost The benefits of being the bitchiest BSD around.

Facebook ‘Likes’ Considered Key Evidence In ‘Terrorist’ Plot “It could certainly be seen as having a chilling effect for anyone who might “like” or “share” content on Facebook that is critical of the US government.” I already try to keep that to a minimum, but I should probably try harder.


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