Pseudo Random News and Comment

A Graveyard for Tacticians As they’ve gotten more publicity some TAA methods are getting screwed. Even in long-term trading it’s never good to do the same thing as other people. Being a contrarian doesn’t have to be going the other direction. It can also be going the same direction by a different route.

Can Open Source Ratings Break the Ratings Agency Oligopoly? It’s a great idea but lawsuits need to be banished for bad ratings.

Instability in Evolutionary Games Imitation and mutation are big factors – and prisoner’s dilemma is a simple game. Market behavior shows what happens in more complex games.

The amazing swimming Proboscis monkey (part I) The first time I saw the word proboscis was reading about these monkeys when I was very young – but the book I read didn’t mention permanent erections.

Study: Journaling After a Breakup Only Makes Things Worse  Maybe they should have written it down and thrown it away.

Take the money: Why we make better financial decisions for strangers than family This has immediate application. Would you take the trade if you were managing someone else’s money? If so, you should probably do it.

What DNA actually looks like  The first visual confirmation of the double helix. Looks like the spring on the screen door.

Kung Fu Expert in China Beats Up Mob of 50 Trying to Evict Him Been a few stories about this but this one has the best background. I have to find that nail house video game.

Host Web Pages on Google Drive First monster attachments in Gmail, now this. I wonder what’s next with that Drive thing.


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