Pseudo Random News and Comment

QE4 Rumours Start Circulating In the past the only thing that distinguished developed world central banks from the tin pot dictator banks was they stopped the foolishness much sooner (and engaged in coordinated inflation which masked the effects and gave people fewer places to run). Though Bernanke has said he couldn’t imagine a set of economic conditions in which he would admit he was wrong (an oddly Austrian a priori position to take), I think the eventual prospect of >10% CPI inflation will cause heads to roll before he gets a chance to demonstrate his resolve. But think of Japan and keep in mind that point could be decades away. I’m a fan of Austrian economics but too many forget it can only tell you what will happen, never when.

Combined Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Prospective Change in Body Weight and Waist Circumference in Participants of the EPIC-PANACEA Study Sadly the interventions were only effective in reducing gains, not for losing weight.

International study points to inflammation as a cause of plaque buildup in heart vessels  Now up to 48 genetic links to heart disease. Most related to BP, cholesterol, and inflammation but there are a number of links with unknown effects that could be identified and targeted. Inflammation link could partly explain the longevity effects of rapamycin. If the cholesterol raising effects could be eliminated it might work better for increasing lifespan.

Association between the Melatonin Receptor 1B Gene Polymorphism on the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Impaired Glucose Regulation: A Meta-Analysis I’ve had as much as a 40% seasonal fluctuation in basal insulin requirements in the past and this association might explain that linkage.

Certified causes of death inaccurate in fifth of cases, study suggests This level of slop in the numbers could obviously screw with any conclusions drawn from mortality statistics.

Onset of Immune Senescence Defined by Unbiased Pyrosequencing of Human Immunoglobulin mRNA Repertoires “…proposes a feasible explanation why reduced efficacy of vaccination is seen in the elderly and implies that novel vaccine strategies for the elderly should include the “Golden Agers”  May also provide another pathway for immunomodulation.


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