Pseudo Random News and Comment

‘Junk DNA’ drives embryonic development The junkyard is slowly getting cleaned out. Even though bits of viral DNA have been identified, it still can’t be assumed they have no function.

Does Neuroscience need a Newton? Really needs more of IBM’s Watson or it’s offspring.

New Alzheimer’s drug studies offer patients hope (Update) The results of these studies will be interesting as they will be tests of the current theories of the causes of Alzheimer’s as much as tests of the treatments.

What happens after the Santa Claus rally? Better hope it’s not a repeat of 2007.

Male chimpanzees choose their allies carefully Even with mating it’s who you know that counts.

SEC Charges Auditors’ Chinese Arms You shouldn’t be surprised given my view of auditing.

Will a Secret Private Manned Mission to the Moon Be Announced This Week? Sounds a bit flaky but it would be cool if someone did it (but not with my money).

Why older adults become fraud victims more often: Brain shows diminished response to untrustworthiness Even assuming the grandparent hypothesis for human longevity is correct, granny getting hoodwinked has little impact on reproductive success so she’s SOL. Another victim of genetic neglect.

The Death of “Near Death”: Even If Heaven Is Real, You Aren t Seeing It Another debunking of near death experiences as anything other than the last gasps of a dying brain(/body – since that dualism has also long been debunked).


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