Pseudo Random News and Comment

Eye-Opener: Why Do Pupils Dilate in Response to Emotional States? Dilation increases with mental effort, which finally provides support for my long-held belief that I can tell how smart someone is by looking at their eyes. My previous theory involved micro-saccades, which might still be true as well.

How Maggots Heal Wounds The picture looks more like mealworms to me.

Paradox of aging: The older we get, the better we feel? Not sure about the validity of asking the living to rate if hey have “successfully aged.” I suspect most of those who would give themselves poor ratings are dead. Alternatively, our brains could be so addled we feel good because don’t know any better.

Andrew Weil Flirts with Evidence Based Medicine One man’s appallingly long struggle with chronic TBS (Teflon Brain Syndrome).

“Other Assets” Of $210 Billion Is Now The Fed’s Third Largest Asset If they’ve already gorged themselves on other country’s garbage what’s going to happen when they feel the urge to binge on US garbage again? They don’t seem like bulemics to me.

State Subsidies To Hollywood: Almost Every Program Has Been A Dismal Failure, Costing Taxpayers I wonder how much has been spent on enforcing anti-piracy laws? Can Hollywood actually make any money on their own?

His and hers: Male hormones control differences in mammary gland nerve growth Female is the default. Feminists rejoice.

Stop Asking “Can Apple Still Innovate”? My question is if 80% of revenue is from products released in the last 60 days, doesn’t that mean 2 flops in a row and they’re history? Other than the cult, it’s not much of a moat.

The Dirty Secret Behind Shanghai’s Bluer Skies Exporting/out-sourcing cancer to “cancer villages.”  And the cancer rates are still obscene in the major cities too.

China to flatten 700 mountains for new metropolis in the desert  China may be causing the greatest capital consuming fiasco in human history.

Emerging Markets: PIE vs. VWO Look before you leap. Since PIE uses the “technical leaders”  I suspected it might not work so well with another level of technical analysis layered on top if used in one of my TAA systems. When I tested it overall system performance was cut in half by substituting PIE for VWO, even though the individual ETF performance is better. Oh well. The Market is Almost Never “Normal”  It’s normally normal abnormally.


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