Pseudo Random News and Comment

NCBI ROFL: She had an extra anus where?!? Naturally must get top billing. I doubt any of the intelligent design crowd will cite this in their defense.

Modest Student Micro-Cottage is a Mere 12 Square Meters  I always like looking at tiny houses to see how the many constraints are handled.
Hojo House: Impression of Space  On a bigger lot I think I’d inset the “exterior” glass walls more to have a large enclosed outdoor space, but’s  a very peaceful interior as is. Maybe the pipes are like branches of a tree to my primate brain.

Why Not Push the Pentagon off the Fiscal Cliff? Because a terrorist will just happen to attack if you try.

.After 1 Minute on the Floor, Food Has 10x the Bacteria as After 5 Seconds

Press Parrots Cybersecurity FUD From Former NSA Boss Without Mentioning Massive Conflict Of Interest His breathlessly hyped warnings of doom now make much more sense.

Another muscular dystrophy mystery solved; MU scientists inch closer to a therapy for patients Another step closer.

In Which Harold and Kumar Go Into Hiding  Maybe someday people will stop voting for a candidate solely because he uses the same label to identify himself as they do, regardless of their actions. On second thought, if four years of W’s third term Obama’s presidency didn’t clue them in, nothing will.

Bored of the Rings  “More time in Middle Earth is exactly what The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey provides—so much more that the movie starts to feel like some Buddhist exercise in deliberately inflicted tedium.”  Ouch.

What Fed Exit? An exit will lead to a market meltdown. Staying the course, with increasing rates of expansion in money and credit, will lead to monetary meltdown. The good news is the lives of many individuals are likely to hold up reasonably well given the circumstances, having already been at least partially weaned from the money machine in the last round. Wall St, on the other hand, is completely addicted.


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