Pseudo Random News and Comment

Is It Better To See a Younger Doctor or an Older Doctor? Yes, on average.

China’s shadow ponzi Regardless of what country or the level of fraud, anything that pays a significantly higher rate is inherently dangerous. Even without fraud, the only way someone will pay you a higher rate is if nobody else is willing to loan them money. Naturally those people tend not to repay. Adding in a healthy dose of fraud and it’s a hopeless situation for an investor.

Swing Trading With A Day Trading Mentality – Don’t Do It! I think the best way of preventing it is to ration your exposure to market information. If you are watching the market it’s hard to avoid wanting some of that action (kind of like watching porn).

The VIX – Is It Telling Us Anything? At All? As a contrarian the persistent fear could be a case for irrational exuberance in the market.

Sequencing project will map DNA of up to 100,000 patients Many more projects like this need to be done…..because of things like this: More than 3,000 epigenetic switches control daily liver cycles

Shoes Reveal Personality Traits Your shoes are talking about you behind your back. Wearing Converse Chuck Taylors? They’re saying you avoid attachment.

Study finds epigenetics, not genetics, underlies homosexuality Seems too simple to me, but suggests a number of other areas for research.

A Clinical Trial and Suicide Leave Many Questions: Part 1: Consent?  On top of these concerns, even if everything is adequately explained, the patient can parrot the points raised, and the patient agrees, is the level of knowledge adequate to give truly informed consent? I’m not so sure.

Why Human-Neandertal Sex Is Tricky to Prove Sure, proof is tricky, but when humans have been reported to have sex with humans, cows, sheep, goats, dogs, chickens, knotholes in trees, belt sanders (and demons, angels and apple pies depending on your source material), the odds are definitely skewed in favor.

Only In California: School Owes $1 Billion On $100 Million ‘PayDay’ Loan Wall St’s idea of informed consent, particularly with government officials, has some serious flaws too.

Can going hungry as a child slow down cognitive decline in later years? But not actionable until it’s available in pill form.

Public Buses Across Country Quietly Adding Microphones to Record Passenger Conversations No comment.

Chained CPI: The Sneaky, Complicated Idea That Could End the Fiscal Cliff Showdown—Explained You know this is coming because all the politicians win.

Turn Your FreeNAS Box Into the Ultimate Anonymous Downloading Machine Really putting the “hacker” into the Lifehacker site.

Fear of falling may cause social isolation in older adults with vision problems I’ve already been there – but it still didn’t keep me from riding my bike on my favorite route. Decision biases are pervasive.


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