Pseudo Random News and Comment

Psychiatry’s New Rules Threaten to Turn Grieving Into a Sickness Anything that relies on human goodness or talent to function is destined for serious abuse. Even more of a brave new world for psychiatry.

FOMC Statement: Expand QE3, Sets Thresholds of 6.5% Unemployment Rate, 2 1/2 Inflation Far worse than the headline implies and enough wiggle room to fly a google of helicopters through.  More of the same until unemployment “is” 6.5%, but inflation is “expected to be” 2.5% or less. Expectations can be anything and with suitable management of inflation measures reported inflation can avoid hitting that number forever.

The Past Is Gone: Why Liberals Should Rethink States’ Rights Too bad both the 9th and 10th amendments were long ago abandoned by allowing expediency to trump principles.

Newly Released Drone Records Reveal Extensive Military Flights in US  They’re already here. Time to build that portable targeted EMP gun.

The slower you grow, the longer you live: Growth rate influences lifespan, research finds At least in fish. Probably not great that puberty in humans is now 3 weeks after birth.

Django Unchained – first look review A gushing, drooling, probably wetting himself review of Tarantino’s latest.

Is China Really the 80th Most Corrupt Country on Earth? The serfs disagree. They’re too proud to finish that low on any measure of achievement.

The mind-blowing Diogenes lacewing: How to store remains to survival 110 million years ago If my immortality plans fail I guess there’s always this method.

The ETF Is A Game Changer That’s the upside. The downside is more choices generally lead to worse decisions.

How to Clean Your House in 15 Minutes or Less Mostly by redefinition of clean.


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