Pseudo Random News and Comment

Crazy Incentives in Welfare System; The Welfare Cliff; Welfare Spending Per Hour $30.60 – Median Income Per Hour $25.03 Makes a negative income tax below a certain income look pretty appealing since it would at least cut the amount of money going to administrative overhead.

Occupy the SEC Submits Amicus Brief to the Supreme Court in Gabelli v. SEC Banksters and other fraudsters pushing to be freed from penalty for their more clever frauds.

Essays In Fragility: The Rise And Fall Of Phantom Housing Collateral “Mortgage debt has declined from $10.56 trillion in 2007 to $9.48 Trillion in 2012. Is it coincidence that this $1.1 trillion decline equals the Fed’s purchases of mortgages since 2009?”

Intestinal immune cells play an unexpected role in immune surveillance of the bloodstream Could explain some of the effects of changes in the gut microbiome.

Smart TV Exploit Means Hackers Can Watch You Watch TV Maybe THE Woman won’t laugh at me for having a post-it note over the camera on my laptop now.

Rolling Over Especially when looking at the move from the 2009 low, it’s looking a bit flaccid…and this doesn’t help: Pessimism Falls to Lowest Level Since August

Don’t Pee On It: Zinc Emerges As New Jellyfish Sting Treatment Treating attacks from the original Borg collective.

Creativity in the Wild: Improving Creative Reasoning through Immersion in Natural Settings I need to take a walk. Probably many other factors at work too.

Molecular Sex Differences in Human Serum Still trying to figure out what makes men and woman different.

Ray Dalio on 2013: Increasingly Bearish Outlook The short version.

Too big or just right? Optimal circle of friends depends on socioeconomic conditions Quality over quantity in bad times. I must be preparing for the end of the world.

2% Real for a Decade Good interview with Cliff Asness.

Time Warner Cable Doesn’t Think There’s Demand For Google Fiber If it weren’t for the monopolies cable companies enjoyed for years they would have died out a long time ago. The corporate culture that instilled in these firms isn’t going to change so, with things like Google Fiber, the end is near. They won’t be missed.

Long-Term Use of Angiotensin Receptor Blockers and the Risk of Cancer Lung cancer remains uncertain but no effect on 4 others.


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