Pseudo Random News and Comment

Have Scientists Found Two Different Higgs Bosons? Oops, that isn’t predicted by any current theories.

When You Fall Into a Black Hole, How Long Have You Got? Now my head hurts.

Boys and Girls May Get Different Breast Milk Dammit, I knew mom played favorites! I’m always fascinated by these cases where our bodies are doing complex things without telling us. In this case, only the well to do can afford to put extra resources into male lottery tickets.

Intense mind wandering could account for ‘substantial proportion’ of road crashes Cell phones not entirely to blame.

Olympians live longer than general population… But cyclists no survival advantage over golfers It’s tempting to say doping clouds the results but since even Curling has had people busted for doping that’s not likely to be much of a factor.

Whose Smile Is It, Anyway? Still trying to pin down the Mona Lisa. I’m still partial to the self-portrait theory.

Don t Sweat It: Premenopausal Women, Reproductive State, and the Joy of Night Sweats Still doesn’t explain mine, and I don’t buy THE Woman’s theory that I’m going through menopause.

Why Taking Breaks Will Help You Get More Work Done

An Awe-Inspiring Time-Lapse Journey Through California’s Redwood Groves Here’s a break that may improve your creativity too.

Who Knew? Apparently Censoring Terrorists From Using Social Media Doesn’t Suddenly Make Them Love Us Just don’t expect it to change policy, which is devised based on the deliberation of any number of factors, none of which are ever the actual results produced.

The Invention of an Illness Fatty liver disease in this case, though the DSM is full of other examples.

New Toxic Nocturnal Primate Species Discovered As a child I was very envious of the slow loris for their toxic capabilities.


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