Pseudo Random News and Comment

In decision-making, it might be worth trusting your gut But only with adequate experience or training. Blind intuition still sucks.

Study questions reasons for routine pelvic exams Generally medically unnecessary, so expect insurance companies to stop paying soon.

There Go Apple’s Margins: iPhone 5 To Sell At Wal-Mart For A Third Off Original Price If they are no longer selling status Chinese competition will eventually kill them. Already some pretty impressive homegrown phones in the Chinese market.

Aerobic exercise trumps resistance training for weight and fat loss Not much surprise there.

A Long-Term Look at Inflation Amazing what a good job the Fed has done in making people believe continually rising prices are the natural state of affairs. Has an update to MIT billion prices chart, which is really the only measure worth much, though all price indices are biased, political measures to some degree.

28 Brilliant Tips for Living Life Worth pondering and applying.

Abenomics Is Back: Shinzo Abe Returns As Japanese PM Following Crushing LDP Victory Someday ZH will be right about something again and this may be it.

The Renal Arterial Resistive Index and Stage of Chronic Kidney Disease in Patients with Renal Allograft In the absence of a reliable measure of tolerance and adequate immunosuppression it might provide some indication of when to start hitting the panic button.

Selling Options Cheaply (Did You Know?) If you look at things the right way you can see options everywhere. In this case bonds.

3D was created for projects like this one. Very cool but hard to show it 2D. A Life With Large Opening / ON design partners

Association of clinical events with everolimus exposure in kidney transplant patients receiving reduced cyclosporine.  Defining the optimal range.

Effect of steroid-free low concentration calcineurin inhibitor maintenance immunosuppression regimen on renal allograft histopathology and function.  Can get away without it.

Time on Dialysis and Cancer Risk After Kidney Transplantation.  Always better to avoid dialysis.





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