Pseudo Random News and Comment

Reproduction and life span are intertwined Not quite the solution I had in mind, but I’ll still watch for further trials.

Study unmasks regulator of healthy life span

PhD student creates AI machine that can write video games In part at least.

Cases of whooping cough in US highest in decades Parents vying for the Darwin award using their kids as the springboards to victory.

Radio waves to kidneys lower persistent high blood pressure A rather blunt instrument approach, but still seems to work.

Autoimmune disease—retraining white blood cells Very clever hack of the immune system. Expanding the approach to transplanted organs would be difficult but it might be possible. The large number of targets involved would be a big hurdle.

To revert breast cancer cells, give them the squeeze So that brutal mammographer may have been doing you a favor.

Who likes bling? The answer relates to social status I think the underlying reason is probably more to do with whether you evaluate yourself against others or against your own standards.

NYSE Volume Chart is Deceptively Informative Even the machines are losing interest.

Trade Suit Victory Suggests New “Aokang Model” For Chinese Business Abroad It would be great if more would win against these ridiculous rulings. Dump all the below cost stuff you want at my house.

Readers Share Their Student Debt Reasons and Experiences If someone can’t get out of debt via bankruptcy the unethically prudent course of action would be to load them up with as much debt as possible, which some of these comments make clear is happening with student loans.

Greed, not generosity, more likely to be ‘paid forward’ One way in which societies crumble.

The Key to Home Prices? Incomes!? Whooda thunk it?

Gun Control? No, Drone Control.  “…why do we demand action when 27 innocent Americans die, but not when larger numbers of innocent Pakistanis, or Afghanis or Yemenis die?”  Duh, because they’re foreigners and believe in the wrong god too. As another piece put it, many of the gun control advocates hate guns, not violence.


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