Pseudo Random News and Comment

Facebook Destroys Instagram The most succinct piece on the latest Facebook FU to the users move. I can’t help but think going to an elite vocational training school university does something to your brain.

Welcome to Crony Capitalism Proof of the final takeover. I don’t think for an instant that this sort of thing wasn’t done when I was young, but it’s a measure of how bad things have become that nobody today even bothers trying to hide it, whether it’s above the law treatment or kill lists.

Spider That Builds Its Own Arachnid Decoys Discovered Apparently to confuse predators rather than allow it to use the car pool lane.

Study reveals that Pharaoh’s throat was cut during royal coup The unchanging face of politics.

The Catch-22 of Eyewitness ID Some of the many reasons it can’t be trusted.

Recent increase noted in pubic hair grooming injuries How could I resist? I’m a little surprised this hasn’t been reported sooner since so many women are clear cutting now.

Insulin plus growth factor inhibitor limits vision damage in diabetic mice In macular edema.

China Tries To Block Encrypted Traffic And doing a pretty good job of it too. Coming soon to a country near you.

Why Did Nancy Lanza Love Guns?  In reality the biggest issue is if you are going to protect yourself with a gun you have to be willing to use it without hesitation to kill another human being (wounding them is only asking for more legal problems) and live with the consequences. Most people, especially women, aren’t. In real world situations you’re likely to be off balance, stunned, shocked and confused, and trying to avoid being killed, and practice at the range doesn’t prepare you for that situation either.

Speed bumps could be a new way to help diagnose appendicitis When in doubt take a reckless ride through the parking lot outside the ER.

Cult of the Presidency Nicely captures the nauseating psychology. It might have been adaptive in the small groups in which we evolved but is a gold mine for scumbags in modern society.

Silent stroke can cause Parkinson’s disease I’ve wondered about this ever since my father’s Parkinson’s took a giant leap in severity after his stroke.

Finally, an Independent Study of the Health Effects of Airport Scanners Hopefully the sample will be large enough to address [the lack of] calibration and maintenance issues too.

What causes hyperinflations and why we have not seen one yet: A forensic examination of dead currencies I don’t fully agree with the framework, which I think in some cases confuses cause and effect, but makes a number of good points and observations, particularly on real estate.


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