Pseudo Random News and Comment

Just in time for forecasting season, a hilariously factual disemboweling: Buy-and-Forget Portfolio: 10 Stocks To Last The Decade

Here’s a similarly prudent forecast: Hyperinflation Started On The 25th Of July 2012 !

Scandal Alert: Congress Is Quietly Abandoning the 5th Amendment The author says it’s fear of terrorism or being seen as soft of terrorism driving it. They probably also believe the Berlin Wall was to keep the West from getting in.

Marijuana Laws Enforced, Poor Hit Hardest Other users get to be President (for at least 2 decades now).

Is Orangutan Culture Made of Ideas? Probably.

A Modular Mind? A Test Using Individual Data from Seven Primate Species Some vindication for Marvin Minsky’s The Society of Mind

Hollywood Actors Really Are That Short I guess I chose the wrong profession. I could have been big.

Bullish Sentiment Rises to its Second Highest Level of the Year  If you’re a herd-follower this means you’re missing out!


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