Chain-L Chain Lube Review


Generous sample size

My previous favorite bicycle chain lube was Slick Willy Slush Armor, which was the only lube I’d found that kept the chain quiet after eight hours in the rain. But since it was hard to find, even without the irrelevant search results the name generates, I decided to give Chain-L a shot.

It’s not impressive at first glance – it looks like a thick motor oil homebrew – and it feels sticky to the touch so it seems like it would be a real dirt magnet. But in use it’s been great. I put it on my chain a month ago (~35 hours ride time), haven’t reapplied it since, and the chain is still quiet despite three soggy rides in the last week. There are a few steps required when applying it to avoid a messy chain, but for once I risked the associated testicular shrinkage and read the directions. In this case it was worth it since to my surprise my chain actually looks cleaner than ever and any dirt wipes off easily with a paper towel every other ride or so.

It’s somewhat smelly if you park your bike in the kitchen but otherwise I’ve had zero complaints. I’ve put Chain-L on all our bikes now and I highly recommend it if you demand your bike be seen and not heard.


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