Pseudo Random News and Comment

Banking: thousands of customers switch their accounts out of the big five Numbers may be fluffed by the source but it’s a trend that needs to strengthen until these zombies can’t come back. Move your accounts now. Don’t stop until the job is done.

The Fastest Growing States in America (And Why They’re Booming) Warm weather and low taxes are attractive. It takes time but consciously or not people eventual respond to incentives in a rational way (much to the dismay of central planners).

A Powerful Article on the Gun Problem We Don’t Talk About In fact it’s a drug prohibition problem, not a gun problem. For some reason that was obvious to most people with alcohol prohibition violence but eludes many when it comes to the modern equivalent.

Kraftwerk’s 12-Year Lawsuit Over A 2-Second Sample Comes To A Bizarre End Amazing example of WTF jurisprudence, with reasoning roughly equivalent to a 3-year-old kid ruling on the technical merits of a sex act.

In a similarly illogical vein: More Guns Have Not Produced More Killings, But We Still Need Gun Control

On The Morality Of The Fed Good reflection on the evil beneath every central planning action. All necessarily involve harm to someone, and in many cases someone completely undeserving.

Chart of the Day: S&P vs Durable Goods Maybe I’m just being a prude, but I find the recent dangly bit on the chart a little disturbing.

NCBI ROFL: Finally, science weighs in: should you give it up on the first date? Probably not.

Let’s admit it… Steve Jobs was lucky Good analysis of the importance of luck vs skill. Outsized success is almost always luck, and I only put “almost” because over the course of human history it’s possible there was an exception.

This Week’s Overreactions As I mentioned the other day, gun violence should be far down your list of concerns based on the statistics. Watch out for ladders and bathrooms though.


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