Pseudo Random News and Comment


Amazon Changes its Review Policy (but not enough) Solving the problem is difficult since any technology evolved to detect crap reviews can equally effectively be used to avoid detection.

Norovirus kills six in Japanese hospital: officials …and we already know the dishwasher isn’t going to save you.

Is more government the answer? Only if you want to create more problems. The insurance idea is better than most, but requiring insurance is just another way of saying more government since they would almost certainly be the enforcers.

Modern Portfolio Theory is for Nitiots  Does a nice job of pointing out how it helps Wall St recruit more sheep too.

US west coast may be within North Korean missile range, says Seoul Are we planning a war with North Korea? This smells like the beginning of the propaganda build up.

Is There a Right to Bear Machine Guns? That strikes me as a stretch, given that the second amendment was conceived in a time when there was no such thing as a gun that could shoot more than one bullet without reloading.” But when the Second Amendment was written citizens were allowed to own weapons every bit as powerful as what the government had, which was really the whole point. Hunting and self-defense with guns was a given.

Struck off MMR doctor handed award for ‘lifetime achievement in quackery’ Autism-vaccine quack wins a well deserved award.


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