Pseudo Random News and Comment

Garbage Time Except when it’s not. The vertical line is 12-26-2007:not garbage time 12-26-2007

The stem cell scammers Maybe Herbalife should get into this too!

Has breastfeeding been oversold? Some experts take aim at ‘breast is best’ claims In stock market terminology it’s overbought.

Study: Blood transfusion associated with increased risk of death for patients with heart attack Possibly inflammation related.

Share Your Good News, and You Will Be Better Off  Even, or maybe especially, if nobody listens.

Hollywood Studios Caught Pirating Movies on BitTorrent Lights! Camera! Hypocrisy!

Comment on House Prices, Real House Prices, and Price-to-Rent Ratio Price to rent the real problem child.

The Pro-Gun Movement Is Too Often Anti-Liberty  No surprise – in practice communism and fascism are impossible to distinguish.

Why Do People turn to Alternative Medicine Placebo effect and anecdotal evidence are so much easier to identify in others. Plus the brain is wired to give high weight to personal experience, no matter how flawed the statistics.

Monkey Brain Area Keeps Count of Kindnesses Has to be some way to keep the account in balance and tell it doesn’t pay to be nice to that dick head monkey.

It’s Not a Tax or Spending Problem … It’s a Devolution Into Lawlessness When force rather than voluntary exchange determines outcomes civil society disintegrates.  An idea well covered by Ludwig von MIses Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis and Omnipotent Government: The Rise of the Total State and Total War

Senate Drops Effort to Prevent Warrantless Email Monitoring I know, I know, it’s so shocking that amoral crooks whose email is being monitored won’t vote against those doing the monitoring.

“We observed attention and working memory impairment in patients treated with sirolimus or tacrolimus.”  Damn, exactly what I’ve been feeling for the last decade. It may not be my imagination after all.


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