Pseudo Random News and Comment

Chinese Star Of Hollywood Films Accused Of Trying To SLAPP Down American-Based Journalist But apparently Zhang Ziyi isn’t willing to go all the way this time.

Heirs of Mao’s Comrades Rise as New Capitalist Nobility  Part of an excellent series on Bloomberg, certain to get them banned in China again. Still waiting for a series on the US equivalents.

Hijacking Worm Guts to Produce Tiny Semiconductors Quantum dots to be precise.

Naturopathy Embraces the Four Humors It’s enough to give one the vapors.

Curating your financial life K.I.S.S. I’ve even heard there’s more to life than money, but I think that only holds true when you aren’t hungry, cold or sick.

Patent Trolling Carnegie Mellon Wins What Could Be Largest Patent Verdict Ever: $1.2 Billion The other disgusting thing about this is the patent in question seems to cover math.

Your new weight-loss resolution: drive less No elevators either. 100 kcal a day = 10 lbs in a year (very roughly, subject to a host of other variables).

The echo housing bubble across the United States – Rising home prices in the face of stagnant household incomes. How the Fed is manipulating the monthly payment to keep home prices inflated. Something which was also reflected in the Price to Rent chart I linked to yesterday.

Mark Hanna on Why the 200-Day Moving Average Signal is Broken As I wrote very early on (here), quantitative methods work until they don’t. The only reason any method based on the past works is due to the constants of human behavior. Unfortunately that only establishes extraordinarily broad ranges for possible outcomes, and the enormous wiggle room in the middle is the eventual death of every purely quantitative system.

Michael Pettis on China Reforms, Ponzi Schemes in Wealth Management Programs, Rebalancing Implications Too many numbers to be entirely correct but makes many good points.

Lawler: An “Update” to the “Excess” Supply of Housing An attempt to squeeze out some decent housing supply numbers, which is of course a moving target.

A Politician’s Promise An excellent slapdown of the fawning toady mindset.

Modern-Day Typhoid Marys  Interesting look at those who do more than their share in spreading disease.


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