Pseudo Random News and Comment

House in Sakurajyosui / General Design  Giving a cold shoulder to the neighbors with minimalist style.

Washington’s Blog: Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics This seems very likely to be bogus but it wouldn’t be surprising if true since Fbook often acts like an elitist big brother.

780.6  Fascinating discussion of fevers. 98.2 is the real average – and median.

The Six Biggest Investing Lessons of 2012  ..and every other year, so don’t ignore them in 2013.

Public must accept reforms if NHS is to survive, warns hospitals chief Shocker!! Socialized medicine must ration care via bureaucracy to keep costs from spiraling out of control. It’s always a choice between rationing by price or by edict.

Own the Robots, Bro, Trust Me.To me this means own software companies because the hardware to do any human task is just not that hard to do. Doesn’t mean they won’t be profitable companies, just like auto companies used to be, but the big money will be in the control systems.

Humidity Levels Explain U.S. Flu Winter Peak Which indirectly means temperature.

America’s Cars and Appliances Are Getting Old  But just because stuff is getting old doesn’t mean it has to be replaced any time soon. I still have a Sunbeam toaster from the 1950’s.

To Avoid Controversy, ‘Realtime’ Microblogging In China Now Delayed By 7 Days But “controversial” posts still need to be identified, which is very difficult given the flexibilities of language.


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