Pseudo Random News and Comment

The most blatant Trojan Horse since it always says it may change at any time. Terms of Service as a Security Threat

Bad Inflation Bets and Why They Were Bad Effective reserve requirements have been zero for quite a while. Plus Austrian economists are equally prone to getting lost in the imaginary world of ceteris paribus and ignoring that nothing is ever held constant and the distinction between necessary and sufficient.

Two Thoughts As 2012 Winds Down I think 2009 was likely the lowest low but not the end of the bear. I’d give bonds 50/50 since we’re not that far from the lows in yield and another crisis isn’t improbable.

Life and times of the wild Axolotl Plus an interesting (and timely) aside on parthenogenesis.

Don’t Talk About Your New Year’s Resolutions Oh my! A feeling of premature completion. So if the people you tell criticize your ability to complete them it’s probably OK to tell. Loser.

Portfolio Insurance for (Almost) Free Wanna bet against volatility going lower? As a contrarian this gets me a little excited.

The same psychology viewed from a different angle: Tail Risk And The Market Bears


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