Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Fecal Cliff Nice example of thinking you deserve someone else’s money more than they do. Granted, in the participatory fascism of modern America, some rich people are just as much recipients of stolen loot as any other welfare beneficiary, but that thieving minority doesn’t excuse robbing the majority – who have become “rich” by making someone else happy enough to voluntarily give them their money. Something no government would dare try.

A related issue. Funding What Should Not Be Funded

How Your Buy Order Gets Filled  I think those circles in the ocean should be sharks.

A Higher Dosage of Oral Alendronate Will Increase the Subsequent Cancer Risk of Osteoporosis Patients in Taiwan: A Population-Based Cohort Study I didn’t really need another one, but here’s another reason to stay off that crap.

Beyond Informed Consent: Shared Decision-Making Good piece bringing decision science to informed consent.

The Doomsday Gene or Just Awful Trading? I think both, as it’s related to the free will issue. To me introversion, risk aversion, and pessimism are all different aspects of genetically influenced strategies. The most obvious benefit is that while the extroverts are running off to get themselves killed for one reason or another, the introverts hang back and get in some quality time with the lonely women left behind. Scoreboard! Who’s happy now?

Wishful Thinking In economics things are often assumed to be held constant. In the real world the only constant is economists are a great contrary indicator.

Cleanest Dirty Shirt – Or 3rd Most Expensive Equity Market In The World? Greece is the only one in true secular bear market ending territory, but only because nobody knows what currency they’ll be getting when they close the trade.

How to Prevent Jet Lag Without drugs.

The Bat: A Long-lived, Virus-Proof Anomaly Want to live longer? All you  have to do is take up self-powered flight.


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