Pseudo Random News and Comment

A Rube Goldberg tribute of sorts – 3D-Printed Records Sound Eerily Like Edison’s Early Wax Recordings

Norovirus may have affected 100,000 over Christmas, says health agency Happy holidays – in the bathroom with that new tablet!

Buy AAPL If you do individual stocks the cult of Apple is probably worth a look.

Crestmont Market Valuation Update Still roughly where it was a couple of months ago.

Bacterial imbalance contributes to intestinal inflammation and carcinogenesis All these studies highlight the importance of environmental exposures since most impact gut bacteria in some way.

Itchy wool sweaters explained: Scientists uncover itch-specific nerve cells in skin Might explain why itching is so contagious. Is that an ant on your arm?

($#%$#, I made myself itch)

The Anguished Lament of a Science-Minded Liberal Rather funny piece on the discomfort of your fellow travelers being idiots. I think the discomfort is mostly that it makes you question the rest of the beliefs you share. What do those people in the field have against General Motors anyway? Or is it CNI?



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