Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Full Montier: Absolute vs. Relative Value Fun with numbers, incorporating value into asset allocation. I’ve been pondering how to incorporate it into TAA systems but keep getting derailed.

Pesticides and Parkinson’s: Researchers uncover further proof of a link My father would certainly have fit the bill, particularly since many pesticides used in his era were easily absorbed through the skin too.

Just 10 minutes of physical activity multiple times a day improves health Your Rx: Do something.

Breast milk contains more than 700 bacteria: Microbes taken from breast milk by the infant are identified Yummy. I guess that explains how infant guts are so rapidly populated.

Uncovering the role of sperm RNA in early post-fertilization development Sperm fighting back against female mitochondrial DNA dominance.

Foreign bribery probes spread as firms start ratting on each other  Maybe they should have read more about game theory and the prisoner’s dilemma.

People underestimate how much they might change in the future One reason predicting how you’ll feel about future circumstances is difficult is the future you isn’t you (nor was the past you). You are made up as you go along, as the situation demands, stitched together into a continuous narrative from which the illusion of a single you is created. You don’t exist.

A Pickpocket’s Tale  Practical application of the neuroscience of attention

Mathematical Logic in the Human Brain: Semantics How your brain handles math. Lack of appropriate, specialized wetware makes me wonder how good we really are at it.

The Fed is starting to get antsy about its ultra-easy monetary policy  “…committee members are worried that prolonged easy money might get the economy addicted; that it will put a strain on the Fed’s own finances; and that it will encourage moral hazard.” Is it really possible for them to be so clueless? Such a disturbing thought, since this has all been happening on a grand scale since at least the mid 90’s, and arguably since WWII. At any rate Q[uestionable]E[conomics} may end earlier than expected.

Telmisartan reverses insulin resistance in mice  Interesting ARB side effect

The Anti-Science Tent Surprising self correction by an environmentalist – almost like Richard Dawkins putting on some magic underwear and becoming a Mormon.


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