Pseudo Random News and Comment

Soluble CD30 and ELISA-detected human leukocyte antigen antibodies for the prediction of acute rejection in pediatric renal transplant recipients.  Not brilliant results but decent predictive ability, which is certainly better than nothing.

House in Higashiyama / General Design Nice house, with a description that unintentionally sound quite disinterested.

Barbecue in kitchen poisons children Potential Darwin award winner. Set a fire in the house to dry clothes and go on errands.

Bank Outlook 2013: Lower Mortgage Volumes, Higher Interest Rates If that’s the case it implies housing won’t be so rosy, but everyone knows it will be.

88% Of Hedge Funds, 65% Of Mutual Funds Underperform Market In 2012 I guess you don’t always get what you pay for.

Strong genetic selection against some psych disorders  It’s easy to assume humans have removed themselves from selection pressures but it’s not true, and it doesn’t even require extremes like this to work.

The CIA’s ‘Hollywood Myth’ Debunking Doesn’t Stand Up To Even The Slightest Scrutiny When you’re effectively exempt from oversight you get sloppy with your justifications. Excellent description of the bureaucratic process at work in the CIA.

The Book Of Mormon: not for the easily offended South Park guys take to the stage.

Bigger Brains Come At A Cost  More support for my hypothesis about brains and beauty being a very difficult combination to pull off metabolically (previously demonstrated in fruit flies).

Gene therapy reprograms scar tissue in damaged hearts into healthy heart muscle Things are starting to get interesting.

Confessions of a Hotel Insider Tips for travelers.

Pronunciation of ‘s’ sounds impacts perception of gender, researcher finds Detection by multiple methods. Distinguishing gender must be important for some reason.

Asteroid May Become Moon for Earth’s Moon What could possibly go wrong? Good start to a disaster movie plot if you’re inclined.


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