Pseudo Random News and Comment

I’m tired so it’s no comment day. Let’s see if I can resist…

Website lists all the free ebooks available on Amazon

Social Security Trends: Beneficiaries, Total Costs, Number of Workers, Ratio of Workers to Beneficiaries

Pondering Our Cyborg Future in a Documentary About the Singularity

Be Wary of Top-Down Investing

Yes, it does matter that Samsung announced an Evernote-equipped refrigerator

Rituximab for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Jumping the Gun  !!

Why You Shouldn’t Work Less

Strategies for coping with extremely hot weather

Hoarders lack decision-making capacity, study finds

Milky Way May Contain 100 Billion Planets

Stephen Colbert Takes On The Trillion Dollar Coin

Guest Post: Inflation Since The American Revolution

ArchLust: The 12 Architectural Masterworks of 2012

Making Money In The Market Off Your Idiot Brother-In-Law

VIX: Seller Beware

Why I Sold the Long End

Does Chuck Hagel’s nomination mean Obama is ready to take on America’s biggest threat?

Chronic Morphine Treatment Attenuates Cell Growth of Human BT474 Breast Cancer Cells by Rearrangement of the ErbB Signalling Network

That was harder than I thought.  A trillion dollar coin? Just default like a man and stop acting like an Emperor’s New Coin would fool anyone.


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