Pseudo Random News and Comment

Student Suspended for Refusing to Wear RFID Tracker Loses Lawsuit  Very small step from this to requiring them on everyone. A country is a lot like a large public school.

WikiLeaker Bradley Manning Awarded 112-Day Prison Credit for Military’s Abuse …which could also be satisfied by executing him 112 days sooner.

Tongue and Tech: The Many Emotions for Which English Has No Words For a language with 60,000 words there are still some significant deficiencies. Is schadenfreude officially English yet or still on loan?

First oral drug for spinal cord injury improves movement in mice Initiated 4 hours after injury, 50% improvement, but still almost 50% loss, so it’s no miracle but could beat current treatment.

Engaging North Korea: The Moral Hazard Factor  Largely misses the difference between trade and aid. Aid is the mother’s milk of dictators, trade is ultimately the lethal.

Apple refuses to make the one mobile device taking over the world—but not for long   Phablets! PC’s are huge but people use them as phones too, so the size argument was always a bit weak.

The Rising U.S. Dollar Will Be Corporate Earnings/Market-Negative Earnings are never stated in real terms, always nominal, so anything that reduces inflation, like a stronger currency, will hurt earnings. One of the many reasons big corporations find their interests aligned with big government.

Science finds three new kinds of nuts: Scientists identify three ‘types’ of triathletes  Can probably be distinguished by their injuries.

Berlusconi accuses judges of ‘feminist’ bias over divorce deal What would Italian news ratings be without this guy?

Not all stem cells are equally efficient for use in regenerative medicine Still think limiting stem cell research to certain lines is harmless?

Overactive brain keeps autistic teens from adjusting to social situations Doesn’t really say why it’s overactive, but to me it’s probably the result of inefficient processing of incoming sensory data.

There’s More to Life Than Being Happy Good piece on the dangers of pursuing happiness, and the difference between meaning and happiness. It’s better to let down your happiness defenses so it can more easily sneak up on you.

Oprah’s Lance Armstrong interview could be redemption for them both More likely her than him.


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