Pseudo Random News and Comment

Brown-Eyed Men May Look More Trustworthy New Company Policy: All salespeople are required to have brown eyes.

Kidnapping for ransom is spreading across the world But are kidnappers issuing stock like the Somali pirates did for a while?

Man Who Gave Police The Finger Gets Federal Case Reinstated Don’t try this at home. Beating you to death is likely still acceptable in many jurisdictions.

Fake Feces To Treat Deadly Disease: Scientists Find They Can Just Make Sh*t Up Does Fake Feces Technologist require a degree?

Marriage linked to better survival in middle age But you may be more likely to wish someone was dead.

Why Do the Rich and Famous Always Sunbathe Topless? A host of reasons.

Meet your new landlord, America: A certain Mr. Wall Street But he’s not battling with would-be flippers for overpriced McMansions – the average price is $156,250 which means the CAP rates are likely to be decent in a variety of market conditions.

Some Barefoot Runners Tip Orthodoxy Back on Heels Sort of, maybe, in some situations.

Simultaneous Peaks (get your mind out of the gutter)  A harmonic convergence of stocks and bonds? Or disharmonious?

Young people are screwed… Here’s how to survive I really like the graphics.

Dark energy alternatives to Einstein are running out of room I tend to think it’s a problem with you try to turn a fudge factor into a theory of the universe.


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