Pseudo Random News and Comment

How Did Humans Figure Out That Sex Makes Babies? Genes should never have let this happen.

A Handy Tip I think the main reason few real-time results come out of the blogosphere is in an age of HFT billion dollar funds, revealing something that works is writing its death certificate.

Amazon Patent Looks To Make Receiving Lousy Gifts A Thing Of The Past Social conventions may have to adapt to deal with the implicit “Don’t even try to buy me that, you tasteless fool” message it would convey.

Long Term Inflation: Wiemar, Europe, US, South America Commit these to memory. Currency debasement is one of the biggest reasons the mythical penny compounded since the time of christ never amounted to anything. Theft in wars and revolutions, and idiot spendthrift heirs are the other biggies.

How to Tell if that Start-Up Can Pay You Quick intro to the current ratio. But really the quick ratio is a better indicator of the ability to meet payroll on the day it’s due, and have the check clear, and not rack up unpaid payroll taxes trying to make ends meet.

The pilot and autopilot within our mind-brain connection: Conscious vs. unconscious, habit vs. non-habit examined It’s a question that always fascinates me. Which you did that?

Rare Photo of the Mushroom Cloud Over Hiroshima Discovered in a Former Japanese Elementary School

How belly fat differs from thigh fat—and why it matters Cells are very social.

Dangerous exercise: The hype of dehydration & heat-stroke Mythbusting exercise fatalities. It’s not really that easy to kill yourself with exertion. I’ve tried many times.


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