Pseudo Random News and Comment

Three years of alendronate treatment does not continue to decrease microstructural stresses and strains associated with trabecular microdamage initiation beyond those at 1 year.

Semen Quality and Sperm Function Loss by Hypercholesterolemic Diet Was Recovered by Addition of Olive Oil to Diet in Rabbit It’s just that easy to counter that artery clogging pig fest.

Penile Implants among Prisoners—A Cause for Concern? WTF?! Apparently Australian prisons have a very comprehensive medical plan. The seriously ill may want to consider committing some crimes there if they run out of options..

The Aggregate Spread Worth a look for the long-term crowd.

Northern China On Health Alert As Beijing Pollution “Off The Scale”, Surpassing “Hazardous” Levels So it’s probably a B on the official scale.

High Working Memory Capacity Predicts Less Retrieval Induced Forgetting Working memory is somewhat trainable too, at least the way I remember it.

As NSA Pairs With Banks To “Fight Hackers”, Will It Also Gain Access To Every American’s Financial Secrets? Amazing how these things work out in the favor of surveillance. Kind of like the way hospital billing errors randomly end up in the hospital’s favor 70% of the time.


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