Pseudo Random News and Comment

How the Hell Are They Teaching Math These Days? This is truly mind-bogglingly appalling. But if you ever wander through a School of Education it makes a little sense in a twisted way.

Kurzweil on Creating a Mind “Further, as Kurzweil notes, many humans are pretty simple, and so it’s not inconceivable a computer can replicate your average human, if only average is pretty predictable. Sirri is already funnier than perhaps 10% of humans.” If only it were intentional humor.

R.I.P. Retirement: 28% Of Americans Are Raiding Their 401k Plans This is a spending problem, not an investing problem.

On the uselessness of nuclear weapons Some excellent points.

Nine Rules for Stifling Innovation Priceless advice, already seemingly integrated into many companies policy handbooks.

Researchers identify new genetic mutation for ALS This might actually get somewhere.

Obamacare Sticker Shock; Expect Insurance Premiums to Soar; Aetna CEO Says Some Rates Will Double Worst of all these weren’t even unforeseen consequences.

Migraine with aura may lead to heart attack, blood clots for women From bad to worse.


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