Pseudo Random News and Comment

Taxi driver fined £35 after cyclist’s death If that’s the going rate for human life let me get out my list and cull the herd a bit.

Cramer Was Right …and the Fed was soooooooo wrong. They should’ve asked the flying monkeys for advice.

TSA Pulls Plug on Airport Nude Body Scanners Moving away from the x-ray devices, which is good since they were untested and essentially unregulated. But it’s not clear if the detailed images are still able to be saved or sent to someone’s private spank bank. Displaying generic images might minimize the number of TSA wanksters getting caught polishing their helmets on the job.

Speaking of scum, this bunch just keeps getting better.Prenda Law Fails In Attempt To Remove Judge Who Wants To Know Who Alan Cooper Is

401k Abuse Great way of presenting the problem – going into the future and robbing yourself.

The 4 Dubious Assumptions Driving the Market Higher On the other hand, I think conditions are pretty good for a melt-up.

Who Is Responsible? I wrote something similar myself (here), but it bears repeating. Daily if necessary.

Position Sizing Utilizing the Kelly Growth Criterion It’s a truly elegant, simple formula for maximizing wealth. Unfortunately, if you use it without modification you have a near 100% risk of ruin. The inputs are inherently unknowable to the degree of precision successful use demands. But I still think it’s good to calculate occasionally to expand your sense of the possible.

VIX Drops to 67-Month Low But I feel so lucky!

The Lance Armstrong Lie Cloud Missing a few words.

Cyclist Nicole Cooke: ‘I had to say exactly how it is’ Has a very poignant bit about what happens when you just say no, even for the small change at stake in women’s cycling.

Why I’m Still Wearing My Livestrong Bracelet Misses the most important point to me. It’s not that he was a lying, cheating asshole. Duh. He was a pro athlete. Most people in the same situation would do much the same thing. What bugged me was the meta-cheating, legal crusades to ruin the lives of those who pointed out the obvious, and sheer hypocrisy of the chief enforcer of the omerta in pro cycling also being the biggest rat. That made it an not a level field. There are also the money trails through the livestrong charity (how is paying his legal bills a charitable activity?).

P.S. if you believe he was clean during his comeback you’ve been suckered again.

Lance Armstrong in the scientific literature: Questions abound I was wondering about this. So many people involved in creating the mythology.

Are Human Mating Preferences with Respect to Height Reflected in Actual Pairings? Yes, which makes it one of the few stated preferences reflected in actions.

Evidence for the Role of Epstein Barr Virus Infections in the Pathogenesis of Acute Coronary Events  F&%king viruses. I’m going to defriend them all even if it means I’ll be very lonely.

Botox beats steroids for painful foot condition, plantar fasciitis Sort of an enforced rest and recovery I guess, though the conventional treatment has a very poor success rate so it isn’t a high hurdle.

Mindfulness meditation may relieve chronic inflammation My general medical rule is if it can’t hurt and it might help, I should probably do it. Damn, more chores.

Risk for Eating Disorders Modulates Startle-Responses to Body Words Hips! Thighs!

Drum roll please…..Viagra converts fat cells  Like the beer ad said, it just doesn’t get any better than this.


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