Pseudo Random News and Comment

Eat Less by Altering your Food Memories Appetite isn’t as mechanistic as you might think.

The Bursting Of The (Mis)Education Bubble, pt 3: As Bad As Harvard Endowment Funds -0.05% ROI? The Levered Harvard Diploma! Reggie’s apparently gotten bored picking on Apple, so now he’s turned to education. Going to Harvard and majoring in Classical Mongolian apparently doesn’t pay off.

Thinking About Obscurity It’s harder to find you if they don’t know you exist.

The “crime” of working in America. Immigration laws need to catch up to reality Startlingly reasonable. Who other than young hardworking immigrants will pay for all the expensive social programs as the legals age?

John Mackey’s Political Correctness The chief benefactors turn on the invisible hand once again.

Expensive High Yield – II What I like about this is the demonstration that analysis is more than number crunching.

Men without a sense of smell exhibit a strongly reduced number of sexual relationships, women exhibit reduced partnership security – A reanalysis of previously published data. I always made a point of assessing smell before making a choice but I didn’t think most men were that picky about it. Subconscious decision-making wins again.

Study suggests link between regular aspirin use, increased risk of age-related macular degeneration As I’ve commented a number of times, the more benefits are claimed for a drug the more likely there are to be hidden costs.

Correlation-Based Allocation, January 2013  Interesting look at correlation between stocks and bonds as a timing tool. The more I think about TAA the more dissatisfied I get. It’s all slicing the same block of cheese and when the closing bell rings it’s still a slice of that same cheese. This time around you may avoid the mold or get a bigger slice, but it’s not at all clear the results are repeatable in the next round.

Give away your money, feel happier? But only up to a point.

We all react to ‘market signals’…eventually Good piece on the effects of globalization on those formerly insulated from competition. The title is also an interesting way to look at the stock market.

California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe PDX is another place that’s been totally under water in the past.

Eric Schmidt’s daughter’s inside account of their visit to North Korea Interesting and amusing stuff.

Scientist: I’m NOT seeking a mom for a Neanderthal Some adventurous women are grieving today.


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