Pseudo Random News and Comment

How to Pick a Career You Actually Like Surprisingly good guide.

What you need to know about America’s big immigration reform proposal Since they haven’t done anything about long wait times, anyone coming forward exposes themselves to the risks of a policy reversal after the next election while they are stuck in a queue. As always the qualifications required are ridiculous. Anyone who takes the huge risks to come here illegally, abandoning their family and friends, to pursue a dream of a better life is already far more qualified than any xenophobic nitwit whose only qualification for citizenship was being shot out a twat on US soil.

Human breast milk microbiome changes over time I always wonder what chain connects the trigger with the end result.

How Unlocking Your Phone May Now Be A Crime: $500,000 Fines And 5 Years In Prison For First Offense It’s not as big of a stretch as one would hope.

What Does Google Do If the Government Comes Looking for Your Emails?  Interesting look at how they decide when to comply. More stringent than I expected, but I had low expectations.

Court Again Says It’s Okay For The Feds To Snoop Through Your Digital Info Without Telling You Further proof the constitution is now totally irrelevant.

A Quick Guide to Mocking Your Boss on Facebook Without Getting Fired Legislative overreach (facilitated by administrative law) always leads to preposterous interpretive tangles like this.

Low-Carbohydrate Diets and All-Cause Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies In brief: Atkins will kill you.

Thresholds for QE More movement toward using numeric targets to make their activities seem all scientific-y.

Feeling flirty? Wait for the sun to shine But only if you’re doing it with the intent to succeed.

We Need More Relatively Unattractive People to Be Naked on the Street I tend to think we need more stunningly attractive nude people, as a motivational tool for an obese nation. As far as I know eye candy has never been proven to cause obesity.

Dual-hormone artificial pancreas is a step closer for patients with Type 1 diabetes Aka closed loop. It’s been possible for a while but bulky and inconvenient.

Islet transplant may slow progression of atherosclerosis Since immunosuppressants often indirectly work in the opposite direction this is clearing a fairly high hurdle.

The Pavilion / Espacio EMA Add a shower and I’m moving in.


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