Pseudo Random News and Comment

Study: Erections Tell Us About Our Hearts Fortunately I’m still a good-hearted man.

Erectile dysfunction drug also helps men ejaculate and orgasm But try L-Citrulline first since it’s cheaper and has fewer side effects. There’s also some evidence it, and other ED drugs, enhance exercise performance, especially at altitude. Plus it may also help counter CNI toxicity by up-regulating NO.

Study: How We Lose Our Virginity Shapes Our Entire Sexual Life Making associations in any intense situation can have lasting effects. If only we’d known…it probably still wouldn’t have made any difference.

When You Eat Is Why You’re Fat Early is far better than late – but I suspect “all the time” is still the worst.

Should You Eat While You Negotiate? Better outcomes when food is involved.

Crustacean Brain May Process Pain Pain is a great motivator so if a critter has any behavioral flexibility at all I think it’s likely something of the sort will be felt.

Computer Scientists Find New Shortcuts for Infamous Traveling Salesman Problem There must be some way to combine this with a farmer’s daughter joke.

Cracking the Retinal Code The basic method is applicable to controlling and connecting to almost any prosthetic device.

Dendritic cell vaccine for relapsed neuroblastoma patient induces complete remission Being able to control parts of the innate immune system would be useful in many medical conditions too.

Link found between insulin sensitivity, cells’ powerhouses Seems related to the low cal route to longevity.

Google unveils detailed N. Korea map… with gulags What would Miss Manners think of this thank you note?

Why do Chinese billionaires keep ending up in prison? Fascinating numbers on the fickle world of Chinese business/politics. The ones that stay out of prison become poorer at a high rate too.


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