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Here are the schools most likely to make you millions I was disheartened until I saw the chart that shows it different for women, for whom Harvard is #1. Pure parental genius, because our medical care is going to cost a fortune.

Is Inflation the Legacy of the Federal Reserve? It sure isn’t sexy chairmen.

Feet on the Autism Spectrum When I wear shoes I do this quite often too.

Running Pace Decrease during a Marathon Is Positively Related to Blood Markers of Muscle Damage The causes of fatigue are surprisingly hard to pin down so this isn’t nearly as obvious as it sounds.

Doctors and Dying Since I’m already a body snatcher/cyborg/crime against nature I have to lean toward intervening because a 3% chance is still greater than zero, and though I take pills, poisons and injections on a daily basis and have had needles in the eye socket, holes drilled in my head, and other unpleasant experiences, continuing still beats the alternative. Besides, I didn’t know you could put that much stuff in your eye socket. That was pretty cool.

Fanning the flames of tumor growth: Enzyme responsible for protecting chromosome ends stimulates tumorigenesis I’ve often thought the biggest hurdle in the quest for immortality is that the blind watchmaker of evolution can end upt in a situation of “you can’t get there from here.” Fixing one problem causes another. This is an unfortunate confirmation of that idea.

Doubts Emerge on the Value of Very Low Cholesterol Levels The theory needs some work. Once certain conditions exist high cholesterol is likely a problem, otherwise maybe not.

Medical myth: Stress can turn hair grey overnight  FYI

Has The Nasdaq Topped Out? Breadth has improved significantly on this last move up so it’s not looking that toppy at the moment.

Trust makes you delusional and that’s not all bad Lack of trust does too, but in the opposite direction.


Pseudo Random News and Comment

I often dismiss notions of a monolithic mainstream media as simply the result of common incentives and regulation. This slaps that idea right out of my head.

Yo! College student! Pay attention to this…Sleeping less than six hours a night skews activity of hundreds of genes

Stuxnet Missing Link Found, Resolves Some Mysteries Around the Cyberweapon More on the start of the next phase of human stupidity. Fascinating stuff.

The Arcane Rules That Keep Low-Income Kids Out of College Idiotic might be more accurate than arcane.

In a similar vein – Health Care End Game Predictable

Some Very Ugly Charts on US Employment  Not much of a recovery in those charts. I was surprised to see these numbers the other day when crunching some price/income ratios. With so many stats showing improvement it’s clear there is a major disconnect between what is counted as economic activity and actual wealth creation.

US Drones Have Killed Over 4,700 By my very rough WAG this is $2 million each. I think my neighbors would be willing to kill me for far less than that and I live in a rich country. Then again it’s all probably just a testing program for similar use in the US, particularly since the administration refuses to rule that out.

The Stories of Moving Averages’ Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated (Again) I think this is a very important point. There are a number of ways to improve risk/reward in the markets but people start tweaking in search of the Holy Grail and completely lose sight of the original goal, often under-performing the plain vanilla version in the process.

These apartments are so small they can only be photographed from the ceiling I think they need to add loft space and capitalize on that Being John Malkovich low overhead concept.

“Remembering I’ll be dead soon…” I’ve been reminded too much lately. Overdo it and things begin seeming pointless.

The Awesome Irrelevance And Vast Amorality Of You Not sure if this is a cure or not but I feel a sense of marvel when I ponder these things.

Robots Don’t Commit Suicide (and Other Robot Advantages) But it would be dangerous to extrapolate that too far into the future. More progress in AI and they may soon recognize how badly their lives suck and take an early retirement plan.

Is It True What They Say About Men With Big Feet? There are so many methodological issues with measurement I don’t think much of anything can be said with certainty, e.g. the correlation with BMI is the result of indirectly measuring obesity by measuring penis length from the skin surface rather than the pubic bone.

Hackers air Sri Lanka war crimes video on govt website Bravissimo!

The Therapeutic Role of Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein-1 in a Renal Tissue Engineering Strategy for Diabetic Patients  I have an unnatural attraction to monocytes lately.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Effect of Antioxidant Vitamin Supplementation on Cardiovascular Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials None. That should save some money.

Five Best System Rescue Discs If you knew when you were going to need them, you wouldn’t need them.

The Broken Vaccine Whooping cough is getting around vaccination. Yup, evolution is real.

1 out of 100 benefit from whole genome sequencing That’s actually quite high given the newness of the science, and it’s only going to grow. If only it would hurry up.

How to Instill False Memories I guarantee the research is being used in state propaganda efforts. Plus the best way to beat any method of lie detection is to believe what you are saying and changing memories is a good way to do it – if you have enough time.

Degenerative cervical spine disease may not progress over time Some surgeons will be very disappointed they’re not needed.

Opting Out of Obamacare (the Unaffordable Health Care Act); Not Even Labor Unions Want It More entirely predictable consequences.

Is Skew Signalling a Pull-back? A little medicine for your complacency.

Trustworthy mating advice deepens bond between straight women and gay men I should check with the family expert on this topic for confirmation of this hypothesis.

Do Low Doses of BPA Harm People? Both sides of the debate accusing the other of making guesses based on math and models, and both are correct.

Retinal Implant Restores Vision to the Blind Without a Camera  The Bionic Man is slowly becoming reality. The modern Dr Frankenstein robs Radioshacks instead of graves.

Zuckerberg, Brin join forces to extend life  Wait, you mean rich people aren’t inherently evil?!

Meet China’s Housing Debt Slaves True believers always point out that families combine resources to afford astronomical price/income ratios, but unless successive generations are all going to live in the same tiny apartment sooner or later the scheme must come apart. The housing giveaways to the older generation were the seed money to get the ball rolling but that was a one time event.

Towards Integrated Physical Activity Profiling It could be more difficult to be both an athlete and a couch potato than had been theorized.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Missed this on Valentine’s Day. Pantani remains my favorite cyclist – I even have his ears – Remembering Marco Pantani nine years after his death

The 7 Habits of Calmness Something many people need help with.

The Drones Come Home And they won’t be good guests.

This is why it takes so long to get over tendon injuries They’re apparently designed not to get injured in the first place, not to recover if they do.

Interesting Gender Research Attractive men and women tend to use their power for different ends.

How You Are Unlikely to Die Nice graphic of the most likely unnatural causes of death. Natural causes are still the worst.

The New PE Ratio: Price to Ego Stunning behavior. I said fiduciary duty isn’t worth much on the job (here), but it still shocks me to see it proven so blatantly.  A bit more detail here – Meet The Icahnator: This Is What Happens When You Piss Off A Billionaire On Prime Time TV

Having multiple sex partners linked to later drug and alcohol problems All sorts of moralistic explanations possible but the most likely is all are risky behaviors, so it would be reasonable to assume they would also have more traffic tickets and other examples of risk seeking behavior. Maybe even highly leverage forex trading.

Today marks one year since I converted to SRL+MMF from SRL+low dose TAC. Average creatinine has dropped 0.68 since conversion and BP and HR decreased significantly, so I have to say it’s a success even though I’ve felt weak and half sick all the time, had more acne, more saddle sores, and a decade’s worth of cavities in the last 6 months. But when you literally have to pick your poison that’s about as good as it gets.

Pseudo Random News and Comment – Valentine’s Day Edition

New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You But they’re not particularly wealthy despite higher education generally. Probably too busy.

The World’s Oldest Pornography Funky hats were big too.

NCBI ROFL: Which is better: sexy ladies or money?The many ways a man’s mind gets twisted.

There Is No Free Won’t: Antecedent Brain Activity Predicts Decisions to Inhibit No free will, no free won’t, no reason to ask why someone loves you. They don’t know and will feel forced to make something up.

Researchers discover gene that suppresses herpesviruses I think particularly in the case of herpes simplex 1 there is significant evolutionary pressure toward asymptomatic viral shedding since visible sores aren’t a good marketing tool.

Oscar Pistorius to face murder charge over girlfriend’s shooting  An athlete finds a way to make Lance appear a decent human being.

Snoring tied to increased cardiovascular risk in women But don’t they all snore?

Association of Abdominal Obesity with Lumbar Disc Degeneration – A Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study  Not too surprising. More weight = more back problems.

Pretty Useful: Appendix Evolved More Than 30 Times  32 times in mammals. Thank god they didn’t patent it.

SCOPE / mA-style architects Decidedly un-boxlike.

How to Do a Clean Install of Windows Without Losing Your Files, Settings, and Tweaks Leaving out one step of this means I still don’t recognize my computer after restoring last weekend.

Market Volatility and Returns If some bits of the future are easier than others to predict, can you really do something with it? Since everyone will try to do the same thing I’m not sure.

Texas DMV Sells Personal Information To Hundreds Of Companies; Drivers Not Allowed To Opt-Out Texas isn’t the only state that does this either.

MOND used to predict key property in Andromeda’s satellites Dark matter prospects get dimmed.

Let’s Stop Calling Countries “Markets” Only if you stop calling arbitrarily chosen groups of people within state defined geographic boundaries “countries.”  The irresistible urge to aggregate strikes again.

Meet Stingray Surveillance: The “Unconstitutional, All-You-Can-Eat Data Buffet” More proof laws are only for the little people.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

I Poo-Poo TAA and Readers Respond  Must read of the month. I basically agree with this prognosis for TAA. I think there are some ways to address the issue, though probably not in ways that most practitioners would find satisfactory. Someday I’ll finish a post on the topic.

Happy Darwin Day! Did more for human progress than any politician, so celebrate his birthday instead.

Help Shy Kids—Don’t Punish Them I hated participation requirements and generally refused unless forced by threatening my GPA. If forced I tried to ask questions highlighting the gaps in the tormentor’s knowledge until I was exempted.

Why Americans Are Saying No to Domestic Drones But it doesn’t matter. In fact it’s a great reason to use more drones to keep an eye on those people.

Teen births hit record low, CDC reports Pretty amazing given how early puberty arrives these days.

Inflation, Mean-Reversion, And 113 Years Of Bond & Stock Returns A gaggle of interesting charts, unfortunately not all are 113 years. That would be really fascinating.

FBI ‘Stops’ Yet Another Of Its Own Terrorist Threats Do Mr and Mrs America really believe the headlines these arrests generate? I have the feeling many do, which is really the point of doing them, so they’re likely to escalate.

Complex science is very hard Especially when it doesn’t generate headlines or grants.

The Effect of Exercise on Visceral Adipose Tissue in Overweight Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  Sorry, aerobic exercise of “moderate to high intensity” was most effective.

Pseudo Random News and Comment

Don’t Get Fooled By Noise in Data  The uses and abuses of big data. Massive computing power allows you to reach an erroneous conclusion faster and more economically than ever.

Spanish researchers cure type 1 diabetes in dogs I’ve been waiting 46 years and they might finally be getting close.

Swimming Training Induces Liver Mitochondrial Adaptations to Oxidative Stress in Rats Submitted to Repeated Exhaustive Swimming Bouts repeating this link because it ties in so well with the next one –

Exercise Attenuates Renal Dysfunction with Preservation of Myocardial Function in Chronic Kidney Disease I really like this because it’s not just improving vitality in a fixed lifespan but improving things that shorten it.

Zinc helps against infection by tapping brakes in immune response

How do Israelis give babies peanut products—and escape allergies? Sort of a corollary of the hygiene hypothesis.

Some stroke patients whose life support is withdrawn may have achieved a less-than-ideal Oops. But I’m sure your organs were put to good use elsewhere.

Effects of ACE Inhibitors on Long-term Outcome of Renal Transplant Recipients: A Randomized Controlled Trial  If you needed more evidence for some reason. A greater benefit than for the population at large.

High blood hemoglobin concentration as risk factor of major atherosclerotic cardiovascular events in 114,159 healthy men and women in the Apolipoprotein MOrtality RISk study (AMORIS)  For all the hubbub about using EPO to correct anemia in CKD and dialysis patients (results in transplant patients so far don’t look bad), this is all I could find about the effects of higher hemoglobin in healthy subjects. Not great.

These 3D Portraits Were Created Using Only a Person’s DNA Interesting experiment. Even a familial resemblance is a pretty good result.

The simplicity of Chinese accounting scandals The beauty of Chinese fraud is that the simple methods are interlocked in layer after layer across many individuals and companies so there is never a truly reliable external source for validating a number.

Robert Shiller: Don’t Invest in Housing Totally agree with his reasoning but the mere fact that he’s out there saying it makes me want to do the opposite. That’s the trouble with being a natural-born contrarian. It’s often hard to stop.

Ignorance on Markets Idiot employee of the year. Fast food workers have always shown these traits but he really elevated his game.

NCBI ROFL: How other women view your sexy outfit. Science proves women are prone to cat-fights.

How to Track the Emails You Send (and Avoid Being Tracked Yourself) The latest in stalker tech and counter measures.

Connecting the dots on “Luigi” 200 Bags of Blood: The Mystery of “The Classics Guy from Luigi”  Cancellara was always the best guess.