12 Months Later

This isn’t about zombies, though I’ve often felt like one in the last year. One year ago I wrote my first post on this blog. I was talked into starting a blog by a friend, with the intention of focusing on transplant medicine to allow others to benefit from the research and experience I’ve accumulated over almost 18 years. Oops. My parents always said I lacked focus and didn’t apply myself properly and now I’ve spent the last year proving them right in public.

Readership has drastically exceeded the 1.5 page views per day I expected. I could narrow the focus and go for what’s most popular to avoid the Kmart problem of nobody really knowing why they should visit, but I think I’d quickly lose interest, and might not respect myself in the morning either.

The four things I’ve been most amazed by in the first year:

  1. It’s a lot of work. I read about it being a lot of work, and I imagined in some detail how much work it would be, but still had no clue. I don’t recommend it.
  2. Abnormal Returns mentioned this blog. I just searched the site and got 21 results. I’m floored, stunned, flabbergasted, stupefied, and of course flattered. The first time I thought it was some sort of mistake, then had to go read what on earth I could have written to get that level of attention. I still feel like I’ve pulled off an incredible fraud worthy of any Wall St scumbag. Thanks to Scott Bell for taking an interest and linking to me in the first month and getting the ball rolling – I think because I commented on one of his posts. That  bit of serendipity was the extent of my promotional efforts.
  3. I got an offer to write for another site. Amazing. What is wrong with them? My sister is the writer in the family, not me. I declined.
  4. The people who visited Mortality Sucks. I’m probably proudest of the breadth of people who visited the site, from all over the world. From an Italian cartoonist, an actress I’d actually seen in a movie, to photographers, artists, writers, doctors, financial types, to the completely unclassifiable (plus the hikers). What more could an unfocused person want in an audience?

To mark surviving the first year, here are my favorite overlooked posts:

The Assault on Human Variability – My rant against modern psychiatry.

10 Things I Learned About Work – I often had a bad attitude on the job and this summarized the reasons.

Venn Diagramming Life – A followup to Temporal Spatial Arbitrage.

Why We Fight: 21st Century Edition – Sarcasm is my close personal friend

The Next Internet Metric – Written during the Facebook frenzy

Technical Analysis Primer – Putting the sexy back into numbers

The Internet Saved My Life – Arguing against IP and copyright

And Now…The Arts –  The first installment and as time has passed, my favorite.

The Best Sandwich Ever Made – No matter how long I do this blog, this will probably remain my favorite post. It was that good.


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