Pseudo Random News and Comment

The Threat of Silence Almost certain to be crushed by the desires of “national security” and law enforcement. Even escaping that, at $20 per month it’s not something that’s really going to benefit the masses, though it’s a great idea.

Good Grammar Makes Bad Password So this iz woodbee a more betterer wan.

Harvard will just be “a dating service” when robots rule the US But motivation is still lacking among those who sign up. Probably because things you get free are perceived to have no value.

“We Are Way Overdue for Some Sort of Bullshit Crisis” Scott Adams does a quick analysis of market participants.

Cash is a bad habit most investors need to kick I’ve been trying but three real estate deals in a row have blown up on me.

Equities In Euphoria!  Probably makes way too much sense to be correct. I’m thinking it will be a reflexivity demonstration – after a decent correction it will be time to party like it’s 1999.

Critical Java Update Fixes 50 Security Holes Interesting point that sticking with older versions isn’t going to help since vulnerabilities are mostly shared across all versions.

Gay asylum seekers feeling increased pressure to prove sexuality, say experts More unintended consequences of regulation. Soon requiring video proof to curtail the fake gays attempting to immigrate. I doubt even that would be 100% effective since some will consider it a small price to pay, and others will do doctored videos.

We Are What We Smell The smell of fear is apparently real in humans. What about hate? Has deodorant increased the civility of society?

DEA Circumventing Oregon State Law To Grab Medical Records Without A Warrant

Taking insulin for type 2 diabetes could expose patients to greater risk of health complications It’s easy to forget insulin is a hormone and shouldn’t be taken when there are other alternatives – like diet and exercise in this case.

Losartan Prevents Heart Fibrosis Induced by Long-Term Intensive Exercise in an Animal Model  Wonder what it does with post-marathon heart damage?

Fed: Some domestic banks “eased lending standards”, Demand for some Loans “strengthened” So sadly funny that people never learn any lessons from history. Lower your standards and loan demand increases. One guess how those new loans will perform compared to those made under tougher lending standards.


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