Pseudo Random News and Comment

Don’t Get Fooled By Noise in Data  The uses and abuses of big data. Massive computing power allows you to reach an erroneous conclusion faster and more economically than ever.

Spanish researchers cure type 1 diabetes in dogs I’ve been waiting 46 years and they might finally be getting close.

Swimming Training Induces Liver Mitochondrial Adaptations to Oxidative Stress in Rats Submitted to Repeated Exhaustive Swimming Bouts repeating this link because it ties in so well with the next one –

Exercise Attenuates Renal Dysfunction with Preservation of Myocardial Function in Chronic Kidney Disease I really like this because it’s not just improving vitality in a fixed lifespan but improving things that shorten it.

Zinc helps against infection by tapping brakes in immune response

How do Israelis give babies peanut products—and escape allergies? Sort of a corollary of the hygiene hypothesis.

Some stroke patients whose life support is withdrawn may have achieved a less-than-ideal Oops. But I’m sure your organs were put to good use elsewhere.

Effects of ACE Inhibitors on Long-term Outcome of Renal Transplant Recipients: A Randomized Controlled Trial  If you needed more evidence for some reason. A greater benefit than for the population at large.

High blood hemoglobin concentration as risk factor of major atherosclerotic cardiovascular events in 114,159 healthy men and women in the Apolipoprotein MOrtality RISk study (AMORIS)  For all the hubbub about using EPO to correct anemia in CKD and dialysis patients (results in transplant patients so far don’t look bad), this is all I could find about the effects of higher hemoglobin in healthy subjects. Not great.

These 3D Portraits Were Created Using Only a Person’s DNA Interesting experiment. Even a familial resemblance is a pretty good result.

The simplicity of Chinese accounting scandals The beauty of Chinese fraud is that the simple methods are interlocked in layer after layer across many individuals and companies so there is never a truly reliable external source for validating a number.

Robert Shiller: Don’t Invest in Housing Totally agree with his reasoning but the mere fact that he’s out there saying it makes me want to do the opposite. That’s the trouble with being a natural-born contrarian. It’s often hard to stop.

Ignorance on Markets Idiot employee of the year. Fast food workers have always shown these traits but he really elevated his game.

NCBI ROFL: How other women view your sexy outfit. Science proves women are prone to cat-fights.

How to Track the Emails You Send (and Avoid Being Tracked Yourself) The latest in stalker tech and counter measures.

Connecting the dots on “Luigi” 200 Bags of Blood: The Mystery of “The Classics Guy from Luigi”  Cancellara was always the best guess.


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