Pseudo Random News and Comment

I Poo-Poo TAA and Readers Respond  Must read of the month. I basically agree with this prognosis for TAA. I think there are some ways to address the issue, though probably not in ways that most practitioners would find satisfactory. Someday I’ll finish a post on the topic.

Happy Darwin Day! Did more for human progress than any politician, so celebrate his birthday instead.

Help Shy Kids—Don’t Punish Them I hated participation requirements and generally refused unless forced by threatening my GPA. If forced I tried to ask questions highlighting the gaps in the tormentor’s knowledge until I was exempted.

Why Americans Are Saying No to Domestic Drones But it doesn’t matter. In fact it’s a great reason to use more drones to keep an eye on those people.

Teen births hit record low, CDC reports Pretty amazing given how early puberty arrives these days.

Inflation, Mean-Reversion, And 113 Years Of Bond & Stock Returns A gaggle of interesting charts, unfortunately not all are 113 years. That would be really fascinating.

FBI ‘Stops’ Yet Another Of Its Own Terrorist Threats Do Mr and Mrs America really believe the headlines these arrests generate? I have the feeling many do, which is really the point of doing them, so they’re likely to escalate.

Complex science is very hard Especially when it doesn’t generate headlines or grants.

The Effect of Exercise on Visceral Adipose Tissue in Overweight Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  Sorry, aerobic exercise of “moderate to high intensity” was most effective.


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