Pseudo Random News and Comment

Effect of Antioxidant Vitamin Supplementation on Cardiovascular Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials None. That should save some money.

Five Best System Rescue Discs If you knew when you were going to need them, you wouldn’t need them.

The Broken Vaccine Whooping cough is getting around vaccination. Yup, evolution is real.

1 out of 100 benefit from whole genome sequencing That’s actually quite high given the newness of the science, and it’s only going to grow. If only it would hurry up.

How to Instill False Memories I guarantee the research is being used in state propaganda efforts. Plus the best way to beat any method of lie detection is to believe what you are saying and changing memories is a good way to do it – if you have enough time.

Degenerative cervical spine disease may not progress over time Some surgeons will be very disappointed they’re not needed.

Opting Out of Obamacare (the Unaffordable Health Care Act); Not Even Labor Unions Want It More entirely predictable consequences.

Is Skew Signalling a Pull-back? A little medicine for your complacency.

Trustworthy mating advice deepens bond between straight women and gay men I should check with the family expert on this topic for confirmation of this hypothesis.

Do Low Doses of BPA Harm People? Both sides of the debate accusing the other of making guesses based on math and models, and both are correct.

Retinal Implant Restores Vision to the Blind Without a Camera  The Bionic Man is slowly becoming reality. The modern Dr Frankenstein robs Radioshacks instead of graves.

Zuckerberg, Brin join forces to extend life  Wait, you mean rich people aren’t inherently evil?!

Meet China’s Housing Debt Slaves True believers always point out that families combine resources to afford astronomical price/income ratios, but unless successive generations are all going to live in the same tiny apartment sooner or later the scheme must come apart. The housing giveaways to the older generation were the seed money to get the ball rolling but that was a one time event.

Towards Integrated Physical Activity Profiling It could be more difficult to be both an athlete and a couch potato than had been theorized.


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