Pseudo Random News and Comment

Here are the schools most likely to make you millions I was disheartened until I saw the chart that shows it different for women, for whom Harvard is #1. Pure parental genius, because our medical care is going to cost a fortune.

Is Inflation the Legacy of the Federal Reserve? It sure isn’t sexy chairmen.

Feet on the Autism Spectrum When I wear shoes I do this quite often too.

Running Pace Decrease during a Marathon Is Positively Related to Blood Markers of Muscle Damage The causes of fatigue are surprisingly hard to pin down so this isn’t nearly as obvious as it sounds.

Doctors and Dying Since I’m already a body snatcher/cyborg/crime against nature I have to lean toward intervening because a 3% chance is still greater than zero, and though I take pills, poisons and injections on a daily basis and have had needles in the eye socket, holes drilled in my head, and other unpleasant experiences, continuing still beats the alternative. Besides, I didn’t know you could put that much stuff in your eye socket. That was pretty cool.

Fanning the flames of tumor growth: Enzyme responsible for protecting chromosome ends stimulates tumorigenesis I’ve often thought the biggest hurdle in the quest for immortality is that the blind watchmaker of evolution can end upt in a situation of “you can’t get there from here.” Fixing one problem causes another. This is an unfortunate confirmation of that idea.

Doubts Emerge on the Value of Very Low Cholesterol Levels The theory needs some work. Once certain conditions exist high cholesterol is likely a problem, otherwise maybe not.

Medical myth: Stress can turn hair grey overnight  FYI

Has The Nasdaq Topped Out? Breadth has improved significantly on this last move up so it’s not looking that toppy at the moment.

Trust makes you delusional and that’s not all bad Lack of trust does too, but in the opposite direction.


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